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Take a holistic approach to regain your health and vitality with Meike Lawrence BA(Hons) MBSH RSHom,

With over 20 years experience, practising in Bookham, Surrey, near Leatherhead, Dorking, Cobham, and Guildford

Classical homeopathy focuses on treating the UNDERLYING CAUSES of dis-ease within the person rather than controlling the symptoms, to enable better long-term health and well-being for all individuals.

Our VITAL ENERGY governs our level of health and well-being and is reflected in the brightness of our eyes. Classical homeopathy takes the whole of you - mind, body and emotions into account, so that you can realign with your own source of energy.

Homeopathy is designed to stimulate the body's self-healing mechanism, so becomes a NATURAL CHOICE for those who do not wish to overload their bodies with potentially harmful chemicals.

Registered homeopaths always encourage patients to maintain contact with their medical consultant.

I have practiced as a classical homeopath and registered member of The Society of Homeopaths since 1992 and have a wide range of experience with my clients including pregnancy, children, stress, anxiety, depression, alopecia, skin conditions, digestive disorders, migrains, excema, allergies.

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“Natural Forces within us are the True Healers of Disease” ― Hippocrates

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What Clients have said

"Before treatment, I felt like there was no escape from my anxiety and it was overwhelming me. Every day activities such as taking the train were daunting tasks. After treatment, I now enjoy life again and am excited to see what the future may bring. Thank you for everything you have done to help." Ms D., Leatherhead

"I found the treatment very effective very quickly - after the first few sessions it had greatly reduced my anxiety attacks and much improved my clarity of mind." - Mrs A., Ashstead

"I was suffering from sleeplessness and anxiety, but felt physically and mentally stronger once the treatment took effect. I felt emotionally supported and understood" Mrs R., Bookham

"Meike very successfully treated my ten year old daughter for excema. After taking the remedy her skin greatly improved and in some places were completely clear after a few days" - Mrs W., Bookham

"Our 9 year old son broke out in a severe itchy rash which covered his body and caused swelling to his face. Reluctant to use steroid creams we consulted Mrs Lawrence who prescribed three small pills which cleared up the rash completely within 24 hours." - Mrs B., Bookham

"Meike was very good at listening and rooted out the underlying cause of my emotional state. She helped me to narrow down my emotions and then prescribed just the right remedy. The effects were immediately; I had a good cry, let out some anger and then felt so much lighter and relieved of the burdens I was carrying. Thank you Meike!" Mrs D., North Holmwood

"The remedies I have received have been a great help in making a positive difference to my health and well-being. I am now medication free (from depression) for the last three months." - Mrs R., Warwickshire.

"I found homeopathic treatment with Meike helped me to overcome the stress and anxiety I was experiencing after my separation with my husband." - Mrs L., Fetcham.

"I brought my 8 year old daughter to see Meike as she was anxious, especially at night, and had a sense of social isolation, feeling as though she was left out of her peer group. After the treatment her fears began to diminish, making her bedtimes more relaxed for everyone. She also began to see the friendships she had, and was more confident about developing more. She is now more than happy to go up to bed on her own, and is a popular member of her class!" - Mrs G., Kingston

"I liked your flexible approach and that it is not a one size fits all silver bullet. I felt listened to, valued and understood. We worked as a partnership in coming to a solution. I would definately recommend Meike." Mr S., Woking

"Meike is very professional, experienced and personable. She has a keen understanding of her patients' underlying problems and is very skilled at identifying the appropriate remedy. Her visualisation techniques are the most powerful I have come across for shifting old patterns of behaviour. I would whole heartily recommend her to anyone!" Mrs D. North Holmwood.

"I really liked Meike's interpersonal skills. She was very supportive and non-judgemental and helped me see 'The Big Picture' i.e. put things in perspective" Mrs K., Horsley.

"Very pleased. A different approach to homeopathy than I'm used to, but your experience is clear and has been a wonderful relief for my daughter" Mrs M and daughter, Dorking.

"I found Meike understanding and intuitive and was able to understand our conditions and help us" Mrs B and son, E.Horsley

"Having somebody to listen so carefully to the finer details of your case and getting to the root of the problem on a holistic level is invaluable. My skin/hands (not even the main reason for my visit, but a long-term ailment) improved after one remedy and the hair issues after the next session. Other advice/techniques on how to deal with situations and feelings of being overwhelmed also very helpful" Mrs P, Ashstead

"I have been so happy to meet Meike, she is a very caring person and takes a lot of time and trouble to assess me wholly before prescribing. It has taken time as my problems are quite complex, but being with her is such a safe feeling and I think she is helping me a lot. The last remedy prescribed has surely helped. It is better than seeing a therapist!" Mrs P, Cobham

"I have been going to Meike Lawrence for homeopathic treatment for over a year and have been delighted with the results. Meike is extremely intuitive and seems to get to the root of the matter quickly. I would highly recommend her" - Mrs M., Ashtead

The case taking for my daughter was very thorough. I appreciated the feeling that Meike was always at the other end of the phone for queries. I also appreciated the general advice to help the treatment. Meike has a style that speaks 'mother to mother' which I found useful and felt that she could relate to my situation." - Mrs B., Reigate.

"I experienced times of persistent negative cycles of thought which were stopped by my taking my remedy. My outlook is calmer and more positive. I found homeopathy more effective than other things I have tried. I feel I've found a way to quickly feel better. When I sense I'm beginning to feel stressed, worried and depressed, talking to Meike really helped me to work out how I felt, which also helped, and GPs cannot ever give you this time or focus on finer - Mrs N., Bookham.

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My homeopathic practice in the village of Bookham, Surrey, attracts patients from surrounding areas such as Dorking, Guildford, Kingston, Esher, Epsom, Reigate, Redhill, Cobham, Leatherhead, Horsley and Weybridge.

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