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I felt a strong calling to become a homeopath whilst I was an undergraduate studying geography. It all began when I read "The Science of Homeopathy" by George Vithoulkas which he plainly illustrated that in order to understand why someone is suffering with disease, we have to take all aspects of him or her into account including the mental, physical and emotional State. This is very much fitted in with my own holistic worldview formed as a geographer, in which you can only understand the landscape when you take all influences including human, geological, historical, social, economic et cetera aspects into account.

Before I trained and finally practised as a homoeopath I spent a few years as an IT consultant. One could say, I am nerdy analyst by nature, and this gave me a good grounding to my particular homoeopathic practice. When I did my four years part-time training whilst still in the day job, it struck me that whilst Homeopathy is one of the most powerful medicines I've ever encountered, it is only as good as it's prescription. What that means is that because the medicine is targeting blocks to the persons vital energy rather than treating the symptoms, it can unfortunately be a little hit and miss before the right remedy that significantly turns the patient health around. This I believe is one of the reasons why Homeopathy is not as popular as it should be because many people have tried it or self prescribed and have not seen the results that they have hoped for. This state of affairs dissatisfied me intensely as I was, in Industry used to delivering turnkey solutions to my customers. What that meant was that I would design a failsafe mechanism that could work every time when a user needed it. How could I apply the same principle to a complex system of medicine that requires a high level of expertise to get good results? It's took me 25 years as a professional homoeopath to find out and now I believe I have found the solution: my path like me to wards kinesiology which is a muscle testing technique that can enable yes and no answers based on whether the bodies electrical circuit and this electricity is the vital force by the way, is open or closed. By asking the right questions I found we could get the right remedies for the patient. I have now developed a comprehensive system enables me to understand where the underlying health problems stem from and take my clients through a process that is able to clear out all the blocks to the vital energy be it Mental, physical or emotional.

My background in IT helped me to understand more clearly that the root of many of our physical, mental or emotional health issues stem from either past emotional trauma which causes us to limit our belief and understanding of what we are capable of. Or it is because of condition and it's responses that we have inherited from our families and ancestry that were based on unrelenting survival strategies, but did not allow the human spirit to express itself. My belief is that when the human spirit is strong but it is trying to operate in a very restricted energetic set up due to the above problems, the net result is dysfunction either mentally, physically or emotionally.


1985 BA (Hons)
1988-92 Cert. British school of homeopathy
1992 RSHom Society of Homeopaths
1994 1 year post-grad Hom. with D.Munday
1995-1999 CPD Revolutionised Homeopathy
1997 Cert. REIKI I, II , III
2004 Cert. Mace Energy Method TM
2015 CPD Helen Ford MD Medical Intuitive
2016 Cert. Infinity Healing TM


As a young adult I noticed how pharmaceutical treatments had a down-side. I used to wonder why I felt weaker and prone to infections after antibiotics, less connected emotionally when on the birth control pill and why I started to develop chronic immune system problems after travel vaccines. Out of curiosity I tried to engage doctors about why medicines seemed to be a double-edged sword.

Some time later, I accidentally came across a book called @14. It's main message was that every aspect of the person had to be taken into account in order to treat their disease. Remedies re-established haemostasis (balance) within the body, enabling it to become healthy again. Looking for connections within the whole ie 'joined-up' thinking had always made more sense to me.

It was a few years later that I finally discovered that it actually worked, when I myself visited a homeopath for the first time.

My problem was that I had developed infrequent periods. In the consultation, I found out that I had been emotionally very stressed, but had repressed my feelings. After one dose of Natrium Muriaticum, not only did my periods return quickly, I felt more alive, connected with others emotionally (disconnection had been the trouble) and as a bonus, my regular migraines went away permanently after the remedy. So now I had the proof to see more clearly that this was a method of healing that had distinct possibilities and solved many of the issues that I had been initially bothered about in medicine.

It was after this that I was convinced enough about homeopathy, to train and become a practitioner at the British School of Homeopathy. It gave me many tools to prescribe, but we were presented with a number of methodologies and I wanted to 'get to the bottom' of how to most effectively prescribe. So I spent some time in a number of postgraduate course, until I found a method that for me seemed to really add up and work. This was a method called Revolutionized Homeopathy. It steers away from treating symptoms alone, rather is gets underneath why people develop chronic conditions. What was expounded was that it was the lens (such as cup half empty or full) that people hold up to the world that makes the difference as to whether they get better or not. Allopathic doctors are aware of this phenomenon as they know some people overcome serious illness, others don't according to their outlook. This lens can vary from person to person depending on their genetic makeup and personal experience. This determines the nature of their stress whereby certain circumstances may be fine for one person but devastating for another. Stress, which is simply the resistance to whatever is perceived to be occurring in your life, is the very thing that disconnects us from our vital energy - which is the governing force of our health. And it is this lens that has to be matched with a remedy in order to remove it. By doing so, the stress automatically goes away, because the circumstances not longer are seen to be a problem.

What I encourage my clients and readers to do is always base their decision making on health issues on facts that add up and not assertions. In this way a decision is based on knowledge and not fear-based superstition. When there are agendas at hand that wish to make money out of sickness, information can come in the form of assertions that engender fear. You know that you are dealing with this type of information when you feel fearful about not making the decision that you are directed to make, rather than empowered, whereby you feel fully secure.

I trained as a classical homeopath at the The British School of Homeopathy and became a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths (in 1992) and since then have enjoyed a thriving practice for over 20 years. I use some additional tools to facilitate my treatments, such as the The Mace Energy Technique. counselling for self-empowerment.

In my practice I work to improve client's general health through constitutional treatment and give practical advice on how to maintain and improve their own health and well-being.

I write articles on holistic and natural solutions to physical and emotional health problems, so that we no longer have to rely on long-term medication or help in order to enjoy good health and vitality.

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