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Frequently Asked Questions

F A Q #01

"Will it help my condition?"

People come to homeopathy with many and various complaints, both mental, emotional or physical. Homeopathy works best when it is prescribed to target the underlying cause of those symptoms . In order to do this, the homeopath works out where the individual's imbalance lies. Once re-balanced with the correct remedy, the body is able to heal itself. So, although the symptoms are important, it is the individual person that is treated in order to achieve an improvement in health.

"How long will it take for me to see an improvement in my health?"

With the correct remedy, improvements should be noticed within a few days. Initially many people report that they feel more calm and energised. As remedy is designed to bring balance back to the body, which enables the healing mechanisms work more effectively, the symptoms will reduce in intensity and duration over some time (depending how long you have suffered with them).So, if the condition is very chronic it will take longer to aleviate than an acute symptom. Remember, unlike conventional medicine, the remedy will not instantly 'zap' the symptoms (but you have to keep taking the tablets), here, with one dose, the body gradually gets itself better, so that in the long-term a new level of health has been achieved.

"What do I do if there is no improvement with the treatment?"

In order to achieve an improvement in health, the remedy has to be a correct match to the individual's profile. As this is a complex procedure, it cannot be garuanteed that this is achieved on the first prescription. Patient's are therefore encouraged to contact the homeopath after a suggested time, so that an alternative can be given (at no extra charge if you have booked a follow-up consultation).

"Why not buy over-the-counter homeopathic remedies instead of seeing a homeopath?"

Over-the-counter remedies may be able to aleviate some superficial symptoms, however a consultation with a homeopath is aimed at treating the underlying causes of symptoms, which requires an individualised prescription.

"I've decided to tackle my problem with a few therapies side-by-side - is that ok?"

It's great that you are helping yourself to regain your health, but in order to properly see what is working, it's best to try each one in turn. If, however you are on long-term medication from the doctor, the remedies will still work side-by-side as they do not operate in the same way as conventional medicine which just managing the symptoms. Homoepathy treats the underlying imbalance that causes the symptoms.

"Do you do allergy testing?"

Allergies, like excema, asthma, and hayfever all overreactions of the immune system, whereby it's fighting something that isn't dangerous. It is therefore more logical to stop this overraction, than just avoid the apparent allergens. The main reason why this overreaction occurs is due to increased levels of cortisol which is caused by stress in the subconsious mind. When this happens, the body and mind stops responding and starts reacting to situations and environments.

"Do you have to believe in homeopathy for it to work?"

Homeopathy treats our sub-conscious, so it doesn't matter what we think or believe, it will still work if it is the correct match. Evidence shows that small children and animals, who do not have preconcieved ideas respond very quickly to remedies.

"Will you tell me to stop taking my current medication from the doctor?"

A homeopath cannot tell a patient to do so. Homeopathy can work side-by-side with conventional medicine. If you do find improvements with the homeopathy, you can then talk to your doctor about reducing the medication.

"Is it safe for my baby?"

As homeopathic preparations are highly dilute, they do not give any chemical or toxic side-effects, so many people find them preferential for delicate systems.

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