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HOMEOPATHY. what is hom water

Our bodies are BIO-DYNAMIC, so they can heal, regenerate and regulate themselves naturally.

Our VITAL ENERGY is KEY to keeping us HEALTHY and HAPPY and is reflected in the brightness of our eyes. DIS-EASE is the result of being temporarily or consistently DISCONNECTED or out of alignment with our own LIFE FORCE. The causes of this problem can vary from our genetic programming, social conditioning, emotional trauma and susceptibility to environmental pollutants. This can create conflict, stress and disharmony inside us, that could be described as not feeling 'at one with yourself or the world around'. Homeopathy is unique in it's ability to take away these blocks to our life force so that we can regain our vitality.

There are over 2000 different homeopathic remedies, each one prepared from a substance, sourced from either the animal, vegetable or mineral kingdoms. What makes homeopathy unique is that it prepared in a particular way, by repeatedly diluting and then succussing the tincture, making it harmless (no chemical side-effects), but powerful as it is energetically dynamic. This type of medicine can TARGET AND REMOVE BLOCKS WITHIN THE BODY'S ENERGETIC SYSTEM.

This method was invented by Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800's, who was a practicing doctor of the time and became quite alarmed by all the poisonous substances and harmful regimes administered to patients. So made it his life purpose to create a SAFE AND EFFECTIVE MEDICINE that improves the health of the patient. Nowadays, pharmaceutical medicine is packaged and administered in a very sanitised and controlled way, BUT chemical side-effects are still to be expected. Homeopathy therefore becomes a NATURAL CHOICE for those who do not wish to overload their bodies with potentially harmful substances.

Homeopathy uses Newton's third Law of Physics, which states with every action, there is a reaction. So instead of using a medicine that acts against the disease, it uses a little bit of a substance that has the same effect as the disease symptoms themselves. What this does is stimulates the body to 'react' against the medicine, and in doing so, will heal the disease. In this way we have seen that homeopathy at the same time removes the blocks that stop your body and mind healing itself. This then enables BETTER LONG-TERM REGENERATIVE POWERS leading to increased energy, health and well-being.

The homeopath assesses where the block or trauma is within the individual and will match it with a remedy. This method is called 'like cures like' and works because as the law of physics states with every action there is a reaction. It stimulates our systems back to health.

Here are some examples of how homeopathy would help:

  • A very goal-orientated person would get irritated by something that blocked their success. The remedy Nux Vomica would stop the irritation.

  • A child that needed a lot of material security, would feel anxious when moving house. The remedy Calc carb would aleviate the anxiety.

  • Someone who fears rejection would be particularly upset by a relationship breakdown. The remedy Natrium Mur can enable the patient to overcome the grief

  • A person worried about money would get very stressed by a financial loss. Aurum could enable the individual to overcome this problem

  • "Homeopathy not only alleviates the presenting symptoms, but also re-establishes internal order at the deepest levels, and provides lasting cure"

    George Vithoulkas in 'The Science of Homeopathy'.

    What causes stress in your life?

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