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Registered with the Society of Homeopaths 1992

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About Meike

My background is in geography and I.T. and so I take a very systematic and logical approach as a homeopath. When I qualified to practise and register with the Society of homeopaths in 1992, I continued to learn from some of the great homeopaths for many years.

For me it was important to understand and apply techniques that will truly improve a client health and well-being at a fundamental level and not revert to sticking plasters that mask dis-ease. Homeopathy is unique, as its the only medicine that takes away the inherent resistances in our bio-energetic field that blocks the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

Disease is the result of the human spirit encountering a roadblock

As I evolved my practice, I learned more techniques including N.L.P. and kinesiology, because they also had the ability to locate resistive charges in the mental and emotional spheres that contribute to blocks to the vital energy, keeping us in limited mental and emotional patterns. It became very clear to me that the result of the vital energy also known as human spirit trying to express itself through a blocked system would result in illness or dysfunction .

I have clients world-wide

I achieved consistently good results so-much-so one of my clients felt moved tell her story in the international magazine "What Doctors Don't Tell You", because her healing with me had been so radical after many years of ill-health. Click on link to see article. As such I have build up a world-wide client base using video conferencing.

I map out the road to wellness for my clients

My naturally curious and scientific mind that always wants to push the envelope, developed new simpler but yet more effective techniques to quickly and easily locate and remove those blocks. As a natural map-maker I use a 4 element approach (simplifying everything down to Air, Fire, Earth and Water) to map out where my clients are and where they need to move towards to reach their full potential or non-resistive state. This state is when life becomes more effortless, yet productive, healthy and full of vitality. This is because the vital energy has full reign and can fully fuel your life.

I work with the most cutting edge methods

In working for many years with my clients, I discovered even quicker and easier ways of eliminating resistive charges, that use methods that until recently seemed very improbable. And yet I saw consistent results with my clients, whether they were babies, adults or animals whereby they healed effortlessly in deeper and more fundamental ways. New discoveries in the field of physics, neuro-science and bio-chemistry confirm my findings: what I had worked out, taken to it's logical conclusion was indeed going to work. .

The way out of an unwell state is unconditional acceptance

So let me explain the method: When there is resistance what needs to happen to take it away? For me the answer was ACCEPTANCE. When we normally experience disease what so we do? We mentally resist it either by going against it or running way from it mentally (medicating, complaining about our circumstances or distracting ourselves). But as Carl Jung said "Whatever you resist, persists", this is not going to heal the disease, just make it go away until the next episode. So the homeopathic madness of using the like cures like principle makes more sense.....I took this one step further and instead of taking the medication, I get my clients on some occasions to say "I accept...…." and the name of the remedy. Similarly the name of the remedy can be written on paper, place a glass of water in it and drinking the water will impart the remedy. This way the bio-energetic system is 'reprogrammed' to no longer resist a condition and we have take away the subject's susceptibility to that condition that is the dis-ease.

Healing is now available for all.

My vision is to make this revolutionary technology available to everyone as it is quick and easy to apply, and does not cost in valuable material resources. So my next step is developing audio and PDF downloads that to make life easier for everyone who wishes to remove fundamental resistances for better health and well-being. For more information visit The Shop or Click here

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