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About Meike

My passion over the last 26 years has been to de-mystify the fundamentals of good health, because there is so much fear and confusion around this very important issue that concerns us all. That's because Your Health is your Wealth and without it, nothing can work in your life!

My background is in geography and I.T. and so I take a very systematic and logical approach as a homeopath. In the consultation, I enable my clients to fully understand the causes of their condition and how they can participate in their own recovery and maintain their well-being.

Since qualifying as a professional homeopath in 1994 I have continued to learn and develop techniques such as the four elements system, N.L.P. and kinesiology to help locate and release the mental, physical or emotional stress that causes long-term health problems. This way the client no longer needs to manage pain or symptoms. Instead they can enjoy a better level of health that feels effortless and full of vitality as they experience more freedom to be themselves.

Since 2017 I have been practicing quantum healing as a new technique to enhance the depth of healing for my clients.
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