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Corona Virus Special

Some of my patients have recently expressed concerns about the ongoing and dramatic news from around the world indicating a potential pandemic of the corona virus. I felt it was therefore important to send out support, reassurance and practical solutions to many of you who may be feeling lost in the confusion. How to live your normal life? What would be risky to do at this time? Whether to worry if symptoms you or your family are caused by the virus. What you can do to treat or protect yourself from harm? How can your boost your current health levels?

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Treating symptoms homeopathically

Lets just start with the symptoms: a cough, a high temperature, shortness of breath. If you have these however, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have the virus, it could just be a normal cold. (From The NHS site).
Homeopathic authorities have recommended some of the standard cough and flu remedies for the Corona virus: the choice of these depend on your individual symptoms:

Bryonia 30 - morning and night for 3 days, also indicated in pleuracy - dry cough and breathing is painful.

Gelsemium 30 - morning and night for 3 days if you feel very weak and aggravated by movement or sound.

Aconite 30 - morning and night for 3 days if you have a high temperature, but pale when sitting up. Especially indicated if you feel fearful with the symptoms.

Belladonna 30 - morning and night for 3 days if you have a high temperature and very flushed, possibly with hallucinations.

If you would like advice, and or remedies for any symptoms that you have, do contact me by emailing me at and I should be able to respond within 6 hours, except on Sunday. My standard charge for a one-off homeopathic prescription, remedy and P+P is £10.

If you or your child does have a fever:

In practical terms I would not automatically assume its the corona virus, or that it will be dangerous. When the fever is high, it's best not to try and bring it down with calpol, because the heat that the fever produces is the curative action that the body is making to kill off the bug and the toxins that it's feeding off. Instead, cool with cold wet flannels and keep them hydrated to support the body. If they don't want to eat thats ok for the moment. Fevers rise over one to three days, then fall at the same rate, so that will help you to guage how long it wil last. If fevers come and go, then more rest, and less medication (as it can repress the healing action) is needed for the patient to make a full recovery.

If you have concerns that the patient is not coping well, the light in their eyes is very dull, have dark bloody discharges, appear lifeless over a significant period when they're not asleep, it's always important to consult a medical practicioner. Parents instincts, based on their senses, not on projected fears (see below) are usually accurate.

It's important for your health and well-being not to be fearful

Dramatic headlines don't mention that all reported deaths were of people whose life-expectancy was greatly impaired before contracting the virus. That therefore means that if you are normally fully functioning in your life then contracting the virus will not be life-threatening. If your eyes are alert and bright (not dull) then your vitality is strong, even if you suffer symptoms. This the foundation to good health in the world of homeopathy, so even if your symptoms are severe, your recovery will be good.

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Inner relaxation is key to ensuring good health and well-being.

The mind is programmed to react to potential danger (it's our conscious survival machine). When we read and see images of death and unknown threats, this reaction switches off our critical thinking, that we can only access when we are detached from the situation.

But the moment it seems like we are personally in danger, the fight/flight or freeze reaction in our bodies takes over. Then, cortisol levels increase and our bodies start to experience stress, because it has been taken into that reality by the imagination of the mind and it then has to function as if it were real. This, by the way, also happens, when we remember past upsetting events or imagine future worrying possiblilties.

Another problem with living in fear is that when the amygdulla the most primal part of the brain is activated by fundamental security issues, then it contracts the heart muscle. The heart is the source of our life force (thats why we feel emotionally and physically bad when it's contracted), as it's giving us the warning sign that we are pinching ourselves off from the only thing that guarantees our long-term life and well-being and that is our Life Force! (Without it, we can no longer live).

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The way to get you out of the stress cycle

Try and keep taking reality checks by seeing what you can do here and now that will make you feel more open, light and relaxed. This exercise can be done effectively if you feel into your body and notice any contractions. Then see what you could focus on, either something comforting and nice in your external world or by imagining your perfect day. This new virtual reality that you have consciously chosen, will help you to feel more relaxed.

Another surprisingly simple method to feel secure is to focus on the insides of the bottom of your feet This again keeps you anchored in this reality, that is calm safe supportive and nurturing. It enables us to go into a more passive, receiving stance that helps you to fully realise that your life-force and the world around you is already looking after you in a silent, yet unfailing way!

There are two reasons why this will ensure better health and wellbeing:

  • It enables detachment to make discerning choices that will be right for your wellbeing.

  • The less contracted we are physically, the easier it is for our life-force can flow through our system. This will not only make us feel more energised but it will be able to rebalance and heal your body.

  • Neural reprogramming is the way forward and it's how the remedies work, because it's taking away blocks to the source of our wellbeing, our vital energy. It redirects our life force from creating negative thoughts and behaviours that cause disease to positive ones that will keep our minds and bodies healthy. So, in order to create the reality that you would prefer, the most powerful principle that we can utilise is:

    Where attention goes, energy flows.

    This simply means you can only experience the reality that you are focussed on. So if we are feeling fear and conflict, we have to establish new habits, by just placing our attention on something concrete, comforting and real, rather than living in the land of possibilities and regrets.

    In my upcoming free ebook "Living beyond Boundaries", I'll show you some very effective techniques to help overall well-being and also some surprising discoveries that you will be able to make.

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    Consult with me online instead of in person

    On a more practical note, if you would like to avoid visting my clinic as a precautionary measure, I offer online consultations via Zoom or Whatsapp, that many of my clients find equally effective, even when consulting children. You will also receive a recording of the consultation if you would like it and I will send you any remedies that you need.

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