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Therapy at the touch of a button

Based on over 25 years of experience working with clients, Homeopathy for Vitality interactive healing audios use new ground breaking techniques that include Infinity Healing (TM), powerful visualisations that clear sub-conscious 'emotional baggage' and verbally accepted remedies and attunements.

The transformative effect is the result of opening up blocked neural pathways that are channels to your life-force which will enable you to heal and experience life in your natural state which is with harmony, peace, joy and passion.

Repeat listening to the audios, that range from 5-10 minutes each, morning and night for 7 days for maximum results.

"A-M-A-Z-I-N-G I'm going to carry on listening to this audio every day, because it makes a huge difference" - Ms E. Dorking"

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Know your true worth

Do you find that you work hard in your life for little reward? This audio will help yo discover your true worth that once aligned to will bring the recognition and abundance that mirrors the newly discovered treasure that is the authentic you.


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Heal your anxiety about the future

This audio will enable guidance through inspiration rather than pressure, helping you to feel calm and confident about the future.


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Don't hide your light

Do you feel inhibited to do public talks or publish to reveal your gifts and talents? Conditioned behaviour protects us from exposing ourselves but this audio will help you to step up and realise that your light does all the hard work!

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Stop daydreaming and start living

Does your everyday life look bleak or unmanageable so that the only way to find happiness is to escape into your own imaginary world? This audio will enable you feel bliss and happiness in the ordinary everyday, so that you can be more grounded and present in your life which will help you to make your dream life come true.


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Supporting you when you're helping others

When caring for others, your emotional needs can end up being left out of the equation! This audio will enable inner nurturing so that feel protected and loved as well.

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Master your own destiny

Do you find that you tend to let other people dictate what they want from you or how to live your life? this audio will enable you to access your own inner vision and power to create the life that you desire.

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Stop being a people pleaser

Do you worry too much about helping other people feel ok and therefore stop doing what pleases you? This audio helps you to focus on your needs first, allowing you to realise everyone needs to be their own primary carer.


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Stop the inner critic

and know yourself as the perfect person that you are. When things a go wrong we often blame ourselves, when in reality we are innocent. This audio helps you to feel relaxed and free to be you.

"I feel fresh alive and enlightened with a purpose ... " - Ms. D, Dorking

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